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Improving Our Working Lands

We believe that communities should care for their lands. That's why we provide private and public landowners with tools, training, and financial assistance to improve forests, streams, and grasslands. So far, we have helped restore more than 30,000 acres of working lands.

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Working Across Fence Lines

We work with landowners to improve their land management practices. Our Community Planning Process operates under a shared stewardship vision. We foster new relationships and bring diverse segments of the community together. 

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Engaging You In Dialogue

Our doors are always open. We already work with local universities and policy makers, but those aren't the only conversations we want to have.  We not only welcome but need your input to create change. So call, email, or stop by our office today with your ideas!

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Educating Future Leaders

Education is crucial to understanding land issues. Our programs connect participants of all ages with the land and teach them critical problem-solving skills. We provide opportunities to explore and learn about this amazing place we call Wallowa County.

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Revitalizing Rural Economies

When the saw mills shut down, we had to rethink our economic development. Since then, Wallowa Resources has helped launch new businesses in renewable energy, small diameter logging, and land stewardship. Today, we continue to embody that innovative spirit by creating and supporting jobs here in Wallowa County.  

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Creating Jobs

Hundreds of Wallowa County citizens lost their jobs when the saw mills shut down. Today, we continue to find innovative ways to bring family-wage jobs back to Wallowa County. Oregon State University estimates that our multiplying effect is 1.5 or greater – so our projected total job creation impact in 2014 is 87 jobs.

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Cooperative Weed Control

Weeds threaten the vitality of working lands. Our goal is to work together to stop the threat.Working across state lines and with partners, we have treated over 15,000 acres in Oregon and Washington.

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Thriving rural communities need strong economies, wholehearted commitment to land stewardship, and top-notch learning opportunities. Our mission is to implement innovative solutions that help the people of Wallowa County and the Intermountain West sustain and improve their communities and their lands. We accomplish this by working together with the community, partners, and you. 

We Support Our Community

We love where we live and work -Wallowa County. Because we value our heritage of making a living from the land, we protect the productivity of Wallowa County's forest, rangelands, and farmlands through stewardship, job creation, and education. 

Discover Our Programs

 Stewardship & Restoration - works with local contractors and land owners to design and implement forest, range, and stream restoration projects.

•  Youth, College & Community Education - provides outdoor, hands-on learning for youth, presentations and workshops for the community, and rural land issue understanding for univiersity students

•  Jobs & Business Development - promotes entrepreneurship by assisting business owners to start, improve, or expand ventures that create jobs and income from natural resources and renewable energy 

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Get Involved

We need your support! We must work together for a vibrant Wallowa County. Your support allows kids to learn about Wallowa County's outdoors, stops the invasion of noxious weeds, creates family-wage jobs, and more. Join us today by donating or staying informed through our newsletter.

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Fri Nov 07 @ 8:30AM - 04:00PM
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