ehlana struthEhlana has been living in Wallowa County just over a year and half, soaking up the constant beauty of the mountains and spending a considerable amount of time thinking, doing, and being. Growing up in the Willamette Valley, Ehlana found a love for the infinite wonder and awe that nature inspires and a constant desire to seek out new experiences. She has spent past summers as a camp counselor across Oregon and Washington and past Autumn and Winter pulling shots of espresso, selling bread, and earning a BS at Corban University.

She is excited about writing poetry, long road trips, hiking and backpacking, veganism, shopping at Soroptimist religiously, yoga, and finding the best places to hang up a hammock and take a nap.

When not occupied with the above activities, Ehlana spends her waking hours gardening professionally, mentoring kids and leading after-school programs and summer camp for Building Healthy Families, and working as an education instructor for the WREN program.

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